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Farzana Alam and Oksana Thornton talked about starting their own optical shop someday. They were told by a dear friend that there is a beautiful optical boutique in the heart of Georgetown owned by an incredible lady who is ready to retire and pass on the baton. Upon the first meeting all parties knew this was meant to be. Hence the birth of Prospect Optika in 2020 during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.




Farzana Alam

(Co-Founder, Aunt like a Mom only cooler, World Traveler, Extraordinaire)

Farzana has been in the optical industry for 14 years; which started as she told her optician how to improve on helping clients better while picking up an order and was offered a job on the spot. She learned from the best trained opticians and optometrists in the industry by attending apprentice program in opticianry. Working in corporate environment to private practices gives her the knowledge and experience to focus on her clients need. She likes to get to know her client by spending time with them and learning about their everyday need.


Having a high myopia prescription herself and wearing glasses all day long helps her understand the need for comfortable and fashionable eyewear. She believes and says to all her client’s “one can never have too many pairs of shoes or eyewear”. She enjoys working with clients of all ages and backgrounds, whether to meet their vision needs or to learn from their life experiences.

Always wanting to learn more, she is currently studying business management and leadership at Harvard.She also makes a point of traveling every year to one place she has never been before. She believes the best way to learn is to by traveling and learning from the people of the world.


Oksana Thornton

(Co-Founder, Mom, Fashion Consultant, Versatile)

Oksana has been providing exceptional eye care service as an optician and fashion consultant for over 17 years. She always loved glasses even before wearing them herself. She started in the optical industry after participating in a psychological test by a friend; who told her that she would be great at it and love it. And so she did. She likes to get to know her clients and what they do in their day to day life, so she can provide them the best lenses, comfort and fabulous look. She has a keen eye for what suits each person’s face and always seems to find the perfect frame that showcases their individual style. She is a problem solver when she needs to be and always helps her clients to see better and feel better. She is a master craftsman when it comes to repairing eyewear and edging lenses in the laboratory.

Having studied fashion technology, she is always aware of the latest trends before it even becomes a trend. Her intuition to detail, being the first to know about the pantone color of the year and carefree personality is what brings her clients back to her.

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